Strengthen Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

Tremendous effort and resources go into developing a CRE & Facilities services strategy, selecting the right service delivery model and negotiating complex contracts with selected service providers. Effective governance structures and relationship management strategies are required to ensure a substantial return on this investment and avoid headline-grabbing outsourcing failures or costly restructuring of strategic relationships. Strategic Relationship Management & Governance from SIREAS is the only comprehensive suite of services that continuously optimizes the relationship, ensures alignment of interests, and illuminates a clear path to achieve the relationship's objectives.

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Implementing a Performance Management Program

Effective performance management will help you to achieve real strategic alignment and refocus parties on the intent of the deal. Key elements include SLAs, KPIs, Scorecards, Fee-At-Risk, Reporting Strategy and a performance management platform.

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Fix an Under-performing Relationship

What do you do when your strategic relationship reaches a performance plateau that is below expectations? Or worse, how do you fix a relationship that is deteriorating? Strategic Relationship Management & Governance offers a path.

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Ensure Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Innovation and continuous improvement will give you the edge you seek, but how do you build this into your strategic relationship and governance structures?

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Elevate a Good Relationship to Achieve Great Strategic Results

You have an existing relationship that is meeting your initial business objectives and functioning well. How do you raise that relationship to a strategic level and fully leverage its potential?

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Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

Powerful Solutions | Exceptional Results Strategic Relationship Management & Governance from SIREAS is the only comprehensive suite of services that continuously:

    • Optimizes the relationship
    • Ensures alignment of interests
    • Illuminates a clear path to achieve the relationship’s objectives


In this 3rd article of a 3-part series, we examine the complex collection of topics related to governance, as well as some of the tools that support the implementation of a comprehensive supplier performance strategy. Read Re-Engineering a Corporate Real Estate Service Organization: Governance.

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Governance is all about accountability and responsibilities—and nowhere is that more important than in management of outsourcing, both within the company and facilities management organization and in dealings with outsourcing providers, from contractual terms and responsibilities to day-to-day operations. Read Why Governance Is Critical To Successful Outsourcing.

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In this video, Ingrid Fenn, President & CEO of SIREAS, describes a new trend in which clients and service providers take equal responsibility and initiative to ensure the success of the relationship by putting formal strategic relationship management and governance strategies in place. Watch Do You Need Strategic Relationship Management & Governance?
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In this video, Ingrid Fenn describes a common scenario of misalignment between client and service provider – one that often leads to the realization that SRMG is necessary. Watch Avoiding Misalignment in Strategic Relationships.

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