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Service Delivery Strategy

SIREAS Executive Brief: Using Data to Drive Strategy

Know all the parameters of your outsourcing options

Re-engineering a Corporate Real Estate Service Organization Segment 1: Operational Review

Preparing to Develop a Service Delivery Strategy

Align Service Delivery With Value

Innovation & Contract Alignment in CRE & Facilities Services

Strategic Sourcing

Pricing 101: Understanding the basics or pricing a corporate real estate outsourcing deal

Choosing the right sourcing model for CRE outsourcing agreements

Re-engineering a Corporate Real Estate Service Organization Segment 2: Strategic Sourcing

Make 'getting what you pay for' a reality in CRE outsourcing deals

Twelve ailments of outsourcing CRE: What they are and how to prevent them

Selecting the Right Contract Structure

Principal vs Agent in Integrated Services Contracts

Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

Re-engineering a Corporate Real Estate Service Organization Segment 3: Governance

SIREAS Executive Brief: Trends in Outsourcing: How Real Estate, Facilities and Procurement Can Maximize Value

Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

Align Vision & Objectives to Create More Value

Avoid Misalignment in Strategic Relationships

Build Trust & Transparency for More Effective Strategic Relationship Management

Strategic Relationships Require Open & Honest Communication

Do You Need Strategic Relationship Management & Governance from SIREAS?

Events & Presentations

​SIG Procurement Technology Summit


Session: The Power of Partnership – Driving Innovation and Excellence through Strong Strategic Relationship Management & Governance (SRMG)


Michele Flynn, Executive Chairman, SIREAS

Darrell Smith, Sr. Director of Global Workplace, Real Estate and Facilities, Micron Technology

Colette Temmink, President, Property Services, Eden

Date: Monday, May 11, 2020

Time: 2:30-3:30 pm EDT

On-Demand Webinar!

​Exploring the Future of CRE & Facilities: What will it mean to be open?

On-Demand Recording Now Available

DESCRIPTION: COVID-19 has compressed time to a pinpoint. The planning horizon for corporate real estate executives isn't five years or even one year down the road. Fundamental workplace changes will become a reality the next time you release the locks, open the door of your workplace and alert your remote or furloughed workforce, customers, clients, suppliers and the public that you're open for business. And all of those stakeholder groups will be looking to you for details around how you will guarantee their productivity, comfort and safety. In this webinar, three leading corporate real estate strategists who have been deep in discussions with a wide variety of corporate real estate executives will deliver insight into how these executives - from a variety of industries - are approaching the challenge, and identify the broad trends and bests practices that are emerging.


Ingrid Fenn, President & CEO, SIREAS

Jessica Pernicone, Executive Director, Solutions Development, JLL

Colette Temmink, President, Property Services, Eden

​Featured Video

Effective Governance Requires More Than a Cadence of Communication

In this two-and-a-half minute video, SIREAS President & CEO, Ingrid Fenn, explains why effective governance requires more than just a predictable cadence of communication between client and service provider.