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​​Exploring the Future of CRE & Facilities: What will it mean to be open? (5/19/2020)

DESCRIPTION: COVID-19 has compressed time to a pinpoint. The planning horizon for corporate real estate executives isn't five years or even one year down the road. Fundamental workplace changes will become a reality the next time you release the locks, open the door of your workplace and alert your remote or furloughed workforce, customers, clients, suppliers and the public that you're open for business. And all of those stakeholder groups will be looking to you for details around how you will guarantee their productivity, comfort and safety. In this webinar, three leading corporate real estate strategists who have been deep in discussions with a wide variety of corporate real estate executives deliver insight into how these executives - from a variety of industries - are approaching the challenge, and identify the broad trends and bests practices that are emerging.


Ingrid Fenn, President & CEO, SIREAS

Jessica Pernicone, Executive Director, Solutions Development, JLL

Colette Temmink, President, Property Services, Eden