Sourcing Strategy & Execution

Finding the right strategic partners to deliver the corporate real estate and facilities management services that you need can be challenging. Many outsourcing initiatives include a shift of significant expense and risk. However, when done correctly, there is tremendous potential for game-changing value creation. Now, more than ever, it is important to enter the process fully prepared with the support and resources you need to ensure success. SIREAS offers a suite of services that positions you to succeed.

Sourcing Strategy

SIREAS works with you to develop a sourcing strategy that aligns with the organization's strategic outcomes and service delivery need. There are many decision factors to be considered, including what services are in scope of the outsourcing initiative, the geographical and compositional make-up of the portfolio, the use of the assets, and the capabilities of the supply chain, to name a few. It is important that careful consideration goes into the development of the sourcing strategy as that is the foundation in which the future state operating model will be developed.

Request for Solutioning

Prior to reaching out to the market to request an outsourcing solution, it is critical that the buying company clearly understands what they want to buy. SIREAS works with you to develop a comprehensive Request for Solutioning package that clearly communicates the current delivery model, future state goals and objectives, and what is in scope of the bid, i.e. what services are being procured. We develop the ask in a way that enables apples to apples comparison of the bid responses to each other and the baseline. Additionally, the commercial pricing model we develop is closely aligned with the organization's desired outcomes and seeks to eliminate impacts of pricing driving perverse incentive into the operating model.

Sourcing Administration

SIREAS facilitates an end-to-end sourcing process, from evaluation of the RFP responses to development of the side-by-side analysis of bids to each other and baseline, participation in bidder presentations and discussions, down-select, development of the business case, bidder selection and award.

Contract Support

SIREAS works closely with your internal and external legal teams to ensure the contract reflects industry standard terms and captures the intricacies of the deal. SIREAS participates in contract negotiation processes for clients and service providers across our industry on a daily basis, and that experience enables us to bring the best practices deal terms and strategies to our clients.

Transition Support

Transitions in our industry are complex and require participation and collaboration from multiple stakeholders across both organizations. Many well-intentioned operational transformations stumble or even fail due to poorly executed transitions. SIREAS guides you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition that effectively captures the deal that was executed and guard against the innate tendency to slip back into old, comfortable operational routines.

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Strategic Sourcing [eBook]

The decision to go to market for corporate real estate and facilities services - Strategic Sourcing - requires many intricate and complex activities that, when done well, result in a successful strategic relationship.

This eBook is a quick-reference and planning guide for busy executives who are planning or managing a strategic sourcing initiative for corporate real estate and facilities services in an organization or enterprise of any size or complexity.

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SIREAS Strategic Sourcing Series: Sourcing Strategy

In this 3-minute video, SIREAS President and CEO, Ingrid Fenn, discusses considerations related to the development of an appropriate sourcing strategy for corporate real estate and facility management services.
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Sourcing Strategy & Execution is critical when outsourcing is a part of your delivery model strategy, but it requires careful preparation and a well-designed strategy for managing the resulting strategic relationship over the long-term. Explore the full suite of services that deliver world-class corporate real estate services organizations.

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