Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

Tremendous effort and resources go into developing and procuring a corporate real estate delivery strategy with selected service providers. The same rigor should be invested in developing the governance structure and relationship management framework required to ensure a substantial return on this investment and to avoid outsourcing failures or costly restructuring of strategic relationships.

Governance Structure

A successful strategic partnership requires a governance structure with defined roles and responsibilities and a communication strategy so that every stakeholder understands the goals and objectives of the relationship and how they fit into the model. SIREAS supports you in developing a customized governance platform that effectively manages the health of the relationship and performance of the delivery model to ensure long term success in achieving desired outcomes.

Relationship Management Framework

The Relationship Management Framework is your customized platform for managing performance, customer satisfaction, incentive programs, and every other aspect of your partnership. It works to align profitability of the service provider with agreed outcomes and properly incentivizes for achieving those goals.

Change Control

Change is inevitable, but it doesn't have to be disruptive. SIREAS works with you to develop a clear and customized strategy for addressing required changes that affect the service delivery, your contract, or your relationship management framework.

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Real Estate Governance: Five Steps to a Successful Outsourcing Partnership

In this LinkedIn article, SIREAS President & CEO, Ingrid Fenn, discusses important considerations for governance of successful outsourcing partnerships. (4 min read)

Be sure to follow Ingrid and SIREAS on LinkedIn for more insights on corporate real estate and facilities management services strategy and outsourcing.

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Performance Management

Performance Management is critical to the success of every outsourcing arrangement, whether it is a new strategic relationship, an existing relationship, or a strategic renewal. This short, two-and-a-half-minute video reviews important concepts.
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Strategic Relationship Management & Governance is a program for maintaining the health of the partnership and enables the parties to continuously innovate and transform. Explore our full suite of solutions that deliver world class corporate real estate services organizations.

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