Organizational & Operational Transformation

Organizational and operational transformation requires a comprehensive assessment of where you are today and a clear understanding of where you want to be in the future. SIREAS uses a proven, proprietary approach and tools for data collection, interviews, analysis, and comparison with industry benchmarks and best practices. We deliver actionable insights and recommendations for closing gaps and transforming your operating model to align with your goals for the future.


A thorough analysis of your organizational design including roles and responsibilities, skillset of resources, and how it supports the delivery model strategy enables us to determine where there is misalignment and gaps and best reposition resources and skillsets to deliver against outcomes.

Service Delivery

Assessing the service delivery strategy enables us to identify inefficiencies, redundancies, frustrations, time-consuming or unnecessary processes, communication breakdowns and other roadblocks to that we can help you to optimize your service delivery model.


A financial baseline that can be compared to industry allows you to maintain a real-time pulse check on performance efficiencies and total cost of ownership. It also enables you to understand how financial decisions impact risk. Additionally, assessing how services are paid for and how that drives operational decision making also allows us to minimize perverse incentives within the outsourcing delivery model.


An organization's technology strategy is critical to ensuring a robust delivery model where decisions are driven by well-coordinated data and intelligence. We examine your current technology strategy and roadmap and provide insight into industry best practices and how you can improve the use of technology to deliver against outcomes.

Industry Trends

Do you want to learn what best practices, innovations and trends are being successfully implemented by leading corporate real estate organizations? Our experience working with organizations across all industries affords us the ability to apply critical insights into the strategies and recommendations we develop for each client.

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Re-Imagining CRE & Facilities Services Strategy

"You are starting to see a shift in what performance management means, from the tactical approach of are we hitting the numbers, to a more strategic approach concerned with driving innovation and creating value."

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Preparing to Develop a Service Delivery Strategy

Ingrid Fenn, President and CEO of SIREAS, describes the necessary steps to prepare an organization to develop a real estate and facilities services delivery strategy.
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