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Contracts are critical elements in the success of your organization. SIREAS ensures that existing contracts are structured to provide the best foundation and that new contracts are properly aligned to meet your objectives.

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Contract Review

Periodic contract reviews ensure that your contracts for CRE & facilities services remain relevant and aligned with the needs of the business. A SIREAS contract review will tell you whether your current contract is aligned to deliver the most value.

Contract Negotiation/ Renegotiation

Are you looking for a neutral party to support contract negotiation that understands both the client and service provider perspective and can ensure alignment of interests and minimize risk? SIREAS has the expertise, the experience, and the proven track record to deliver the contract you need.

MSA Development

Do you need a best-in-class MSA with standard terms and conditions applicable to CRE and facilities services? Would you like support with development of a SOW that documents all the terms, pricing and service level expectations of the deal? Rely on SIREAS.

Service Level Agreement Development

SIREAS has a library of best-in-class Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for you to choose from that cover the most common CRE and facilities services. 

Policy & Process Review

Is your CRE organization functioning without a complete or accurate set of policies and processes? Are policies overly complicated? Maybe they even impede processes? SIREAS clears away the confusion to help you establish clear, efficient and effective policies and processes based on your unique circumstances and industry best practices.

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Ingrid Fenn, CEO & President of SIREAS, describes the importance of receiving open and honest feedback from service providers. She describes innovative strategies that align incentives to support the objectives of the strategic relationship. Watch Strategic Relationships Require Open & Honest Communication.

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