Risk Management

SIREAS has the experience to identify weaknesses and risks in your current service delivery model, organizational design and strategic relationships.

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Contract Review

Periodic contract reviews ensure that your contracts for CRE & facilities services remain relevant and aligned with the needs of the business. A SIREAS contract review will tell you whether your current contract is aligned to deliver the most value.

Performance Program Design & Strategy

Work with SIREAS to design an effective performance management program and strategy for your organization that will help you achieve real strategic alignment & refocus the parties on the intent of the deal.

Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

When you engage SIREAS to help your strategic relationships to THRIVE, we’re there to provide council and coaching, and illuminate a clear path to achieve the relationship’s objectives.

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Additional Resources

Do you want to learn more about risk management and how it impacts your strategy? Here are a couple of additional resources.


Ingrid Fenn describes how clients and service providers take responsibility and initiative to ensure the success of the relationship by putting formal strategies in place. Watch Do You Need Strategic Relationship Management & Governance?

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Organizations are finding themselves with a new set of challenges — many created by gaps between the intent of the relationship and the actual contract. These gaps are what University of Tennessee researchers call ‘outsourcing ailments’. Read Twelve Ailments of Outsourcing CRE: What They Are and How to Prevent Them.

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