Implement a Performance Management Program

SIREAS has been the driving force in real estate management’s shift to performance-based service delivery models. This approach develops more extensive collaboration and aligns both expectations and the interests of both service providers and facility management organizations. It provides a truer partnership that is linked directly to desired outcomes.

Here's how we can help...

Performance Program Design & Strategy

SIREAS designs proven, effective performance management programs and strategies that achieve real strategic alignment and refocus the parties on the intent of the deal.

Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

When you engage SIREAS to help your strategic relationships to THRIVE, we’re there to provide council and coaching, and illuminate a clear path to achieve the relationship’s objectives.

Performance Management Platforms

Are you researching technology and tools that can help you manage the performance of your service providers? Do you need guidance on performance reporting strategy and design? Are you unsure if a performance management platform can add value for your organization? SIREAS has extensive knowledge of performance management platforms and developers, as well as expertise in implementation, configuration and maintenance of the platforms.

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Additional Resources

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In this video, SIREAS CEO, Ingrid Fenn, describes a new trend in which clients and service providers take equal responsibility and initiative to ensure the success of the relationship by putting formal strategic relationship management and governance strategies in place. Watch Do You Need Strategic Relationship Management & Governance?


For a printable PDF file of our Strategic Relationship Management & Governance (SRMG) brochure, click the button. It's a great resource for discussing the SIREAS SRMG offering with your internal team and other stakeholders. When you're ready, call, email, or return to this website and submit the Contact Us form. We'll schedule a call to discuss your challenges and see if SRMG  is right for you.