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SIREAS offers a variety of information and services designed to optimize the operating model of your current CRE organization. We work with you to improve efficiency and effectiveness, manage costs, adjust service levels, and strengthen management and governance of existing service provider relationships.

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Sourcing Strategy & Bid Administration

You need a sourcing strategy that perfectly aligns with your organizational structure, objectives and outsourcing maturity. How do you get started and what's involved?

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Service Delivery Consistency & Quality

Corporations expect flexible workspaces and personalized user experiences while demanding rigorous compliance with financial, regulatory and risk management specifications. How will you meet those expectations?

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Industry Trends & Best Practices

Are you researching industry trends on leading service delivery strategies and models? Are you curious how your staffing model compares with established best practices?

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Risk Management

Risk comes in a variety of forms. Is your supplier mix appropriate? Do your contracts correctly balance cost, value and risk? Do you have proper contingency plans in place? 

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An important concept that is rarely talked about in outsourcing concerns value. Too often, when people talk about outsourcing, they talk about it as if it means just one thing. But if you look at outsourcing in terms of how your organization defines value, then it becomes clear that outsourcing can’t be the same for everyone.


There are many factors to consider prior to making the decision to outsource. Will it make you more efficient? Will it reduce the cost of managing your real estate portfolio? Is your organization mature enough, and can you manage the change? These questions and more are addressed in, Know All The Parameters Of Your Outsourcing Options.

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Modern outsourcing is more than a typical make/buy decision. This paper provides an easy-to-understand framework for classifying the various contracting approaches along the sourcing continuum. Read Choosing the Right Sourcing Model for CRE Outsourcing Agreements.

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 As organizations mature in their outsourcing journey, they become more strategic, creating a need to change the outsourcing model, push past the often experienced point of diminishing returns, and strive to generate sustainable long-term savings and benefits in partnership with their outsourcing providers. Read Incremental Outsourcing in Facility Executive.

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You may have heard the terms “principal” and “agent” with regard to contracts. But do you really know what it means? What are the implications in terms of risk, cost and authority? How will it impact your corporate real estate and facilities services contracts? Ingrid Fenn, President and CEO of SIREAS, tackles this complex subject in Principal vs Agent in Integrated Services Contracts.
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