Create a Flexible, Adaptive & Proactive Organization

The business environment is subject to more change and disruption than ever before. How do you ensure that your CRE organization is nimble and able to respond to sudden changes in business strategy or economic realities? SIREAS works with you to identify strategies that ensure that your organization is flexible, adaptive and proactive.

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Contract Alignment

Both new and existing contracts must align with your organizational objectives, provide for flexibility and support effective relationship management and governance.

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Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

When you engage SIREAS to help your strategic relationships to THRIVE, we’re there to provide council and coaching, and illuminate a clear path to achieve the relationship’s objectives.

Industry Trends & Best Practices

Are you researching industry trends on service delivery models? Are you curious how you compare with best practices? SIREAS maintains a comprehensive database of industry benchmarks, trends, resources and best practices to answer all your questions.

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Additional Resources

Do you want to learn more about creating a flexible, adaptive and proactive organization? Here are a couple of additional resources.


The fundamental nature of how goods and services are procured is not keeping pace with best practices of tapping into more mature sourcing business models. This article provides a framework for classifying the various contracting approaches along the sourcing continuum. Read Choosing the Right Sourcing Model for CRE Ooutsourcing Agreements.

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Ingrid Fenn, CEO & President of SIREAS, describes gaps in perceived performance between clients and service providers in strategic relationships. Can they be avoided? Watch Avoiding Misalignment in Strategic Relationships.

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