Fix an Underperforming Strategic Relationship

Has your relationship's performance plateaued below your expectations? Is performance worsening over time? Have the strategic objectives of your business changed? SIREAS will examine your relationships with CRE & facilities services providers to identify the root causes, and then propose and implement solutions. SIREAS offers 3 levels of Strategic Relationship Management & Governance (SRMG) services to ACTIVATE your strategic relationship, ENGAGE all stakeholders, and empower your strategic relationship to THRIVE. Explore more below.

Here's how we can help...

Contract Alignment

Both new and existing contracts must align with your organizational objectives, provide for flexibility and support effective relationship management and governance.

Training & Coaching

Whether you are looking for standard training on performance management best practices, custom training on strategic relationship management for an existing relationship or ongoing coaching on contract governance, SIREAS can help.

MSA Development

Do you need a best-in-class MSA with standard terms and conditions applicable to CRE and facilities services? Would you like support with development of a SOW that documents all the terms, pricing and service level expectations of the deal? Rely on SIREAS.

Service Level Agreement Development

SIREAS has a library of best-in-class Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for you to choose from that cover the most common CRE and facilities services. 

Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

When you engage SIREAS to help your strategic relationships to THRIVE, we’re there to provide council and coaching, and illuminate a clear path to achieve the relationship’s objectives.

Relationship Health Check

SIREAS examines eight categories that frequently cause friction in strategic relationships, including communications, decision-making, governance, innovation, metrics, mindset and trust, performance, and problem solving. The result is a road map for collaboratively strengthening the relationship and improving alignment.

Additional Resources

Do you want to learn more about Strategic Relationship Management & Governance? Here are some additional resources.


In this video, Ingrid Fenn talks about the importance – and the challenges – of open and honest communication between the client and the service provider. What gets in the way? How can innovative approaches to incentives help? Watch Strategic Relationships Require Open & Honest Communication.


For a printable PDF file of our Strategic Relationship Management & Governance (SRMG) brochure, click the button. It's a great resource for discussing the SIREAS SRMG offering with your internal team and other stakeholders. When you're ready, call, email, or return to this website and submit the Contact Us form. We'll schedule a call to discuss your challenges and see if SRMG  is right for you.