Sourcing Strategy & Bid Administration

SIREAS will help you through all the steps involved in developing a sourcing strategy for CRE and facilities services.

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Sourcing Strategy Development

SIREAS examines your organization, analyzes the markets and available resources in the relevant geographies, and your strategic objectives to develop the most appropriate sourcing strategy to ensure your sourcing project meets all your needs.

RFP & Associated Exhibits Development

SIREAS has a library of RFP questions, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), pricing templates, functional matrices and other tools that can be easily customized for your organization before you go to market.

Bid Administration

SIREAS will support you throughout the bid process from evaluating RFP responses to participating in bidder presentations to down-select and final recommendations and bidder selection.

Contract Negotiation

Are you looking for a neutral party to support contract negotiation that understands both the client and service provider perspective and can ensure alignment of interests and minimize risk? SIREAS has the expertise, the experience, and the proven track record to deliver the contract you need.

MSA Development

Do you need a best-in-class MSA with standard terms and conditions applicable to CRE and facilities services? Would you like support with development of a SOW that documents all the terms, pricing and service level expectations of the deal? Rely on SIREAS.

Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

When you engage SIREAS to help your strategic relationships to THRIVE, we’re there to provide council and coaching, and illuminate a clear path to achieve the relationship’s objectives.

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Additional Resources

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In this article, we draw from our extensive experience to reveal the fundamental building blocks of performance-based contracting and strategic sourcing success. Read Re-Engineering a Corporate Real Estate Service Organization: Strategic Sourcing.

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Do you struggle with what is a fair price when negotiating contracts for corporate real estate (CRE) services? This article addresses five common questions related to pricing a CRE deal. Read Pricing 101: Understanding the Basics of Pricing a CRE Outsourcing Deal.

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​Collaborative Process

SIREAS CEO & President, Ingrid Fenn, describes the collaborative process that is used to ensure that all parties in a strategic sourcing initiative have the opportunity to fully understand the needs and objectives of the client. This gives bidders the chance to align more fully with the client and develop a proposal that delivers the most value, while giving both the client and service providers the opportunity to assess cultural fit. It sets the stage for a successful strategic relationship.