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Your CRE organization may be meeting all of your objectives and expectations today, but what about tomorrow? Exceptional leaders are always looking to the future and preparing their organizations for the inevitable changes to come.  SIREAS will help you get started and guide you through the strategic planning process.

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Vision for the Future

What does the future look like for CRE & facilities services? How do you envision the workplace of the future that perfectly fits your organizations mission, culture and strategic plans? How do you develop and implement a roadmap that gets you there?

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Adaptive | Flexible | Proactive

In today's rapidly-changing business environment, organizations must be adaptive and flexible to quickly evolving changes and disruptions. How do you build this flexibility into your organization and be proactive so you don't fall behind?

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Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Is your CRE organization a follower? Would you rather be a leader? Innovation and continuous improvement will give you the edge you seek.

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Building a Business Case for Change

Sometimes what you really need is help communicating the business case for change internally to move your new vision forward.

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Additional Resources

Innovation & Contract Alignment

Ingrid Fenn, President & CEO of SIREAS, describes a common source of frustration for corporate real estate executives whose expectations are not aligned with their service providers' expectations. When contract structures and expectations are misaligned, you have to adjust one or the other. The best solution is to get it right from the start!

Executive Brief

In recent years, corporate real estate has shifted focus from tactical delivery to a realization that the organization’s real estate portfolio needs to be strategically and critically linked to its success. Learn more in, Trends in Outsourcing: How Real Estate, Facilities and Procurement Can Maximize Value.

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CRE professionals deal with more global, complex outsourced supplier relationships than ever before. They have a new set of challenges — many created by gaps between the intent of the relationship and the actual contract  what University of Tennessee researchers call ‘outsourcing ailments.’ Read more in, Twelve ailments of outsourcing CRE: What they are and how to prevent them.
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In the second of this three-article series, Re-Engineering a Corporate Real Estate Service Organization: Strategic Sourcing, SIREAS President & CEO, Ingrid Fenn, reveals the fundamental building blocks of performance-based contracting and strategic sourcing success. And if you missed Segment I on Operational Review, you will find it here.

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In this Workplace Unplugged interview, Ingrid Fenn shares her experience helping clients develop a roadmap for their future CRE organization. Read Building a Global Real Estate & FM Strategy.

"If an organization is sourcing in silo, they’re really only using the economies of scale within their own portfolio, or even less than that, doing it on a localized level and then they’re not taking advantage of any economies of scale at all." 

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