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Are your costs too high? Have you received a new directive to reduce costs? SIREAS will lead you through our comprehensive approach to identify costs and then normalize data to industry benchmarks so you have a complete understanding of your cost of ownership and can understand where to target your efforts.

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Financial Baseline

Are your costs too high? Have you received a new directive to reduce costs? Are you confident you know what your costs really are? There's more to it than you might think! SIREAS will analyze your organization to develop a comprehensive financial baseline.

Industry Benchmarks

When was the last time you compared your CRE & facilities costs with the market and your peers? SIREAS has the expertise to configure your data for comparison, and an extensive database of industry benchmarks to identify your opportunities for savings.

Staffing & Salary Analysis

Have you been asked to cut headcount, but you’re concerned about the impact on service delivery and quality? Is your organization struggling to attract and retain talent? Our staffing and salary analysis ensures you understand your current needs, costs and turnover.

Contract Review

Periodic contract reviews ensure that your contracts for CRE & facilities services remain relevant and aligned with the needs of the business. A SIREAS contract review will tell you whether your current contract is aligned to deliver the most value.

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Additional Resources

Do you want to learn more about cost of ownership and how to reduce costs without impacting service delivery quality? Here are some additional resources.


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