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Do you have a compelling vision for the future of your CRE organization, but struggle to develop an effective business case for change? SIREAS supports you with data, analysis and the latest industry trends and thought leadership so you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

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Current Environment Assessment

The case for change often hinges on careful analysis of your existing CRE organization, including the organizational structure, service delivery model, cost of ownership, technology and existing contracts.

SIREAS Insights & Thought Leadership

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Organizational Design Strategy

Well defined job descriptions and roles and responsibilities are crucial to ensure your organization succeeds. When coupled with changes in policy and processes, development of standard service level agreements, appropriate training, and management systems, SIREAS delivers organizational redesign that is durable and effective.

Industry Trends & Best Practices

Are you researching industry trends on service delivery models? Are you curious how you compare with best practices? SIREAS maintains a comprehensive database of industry benchmarks, trends, resources and best practices to answer all your questions.

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Rather than being frustrated, buyers should look in the mirror and say: ‘Did I get what I paid for? And if not — why?’ The primary reason is that the process for establishing pricing between buyers and suppliers has historically been broken. Read Making ‘getting what you pay for’ a reality in CRE outsourcing deals.

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