Today SIREAS Celebrates Our 5th Birthday!

01.09.20 09:50 AM By Rob

SIREAS Celebrates an Important Milestone

What better way to celebrate the 5th birthday of SIREAS than to launch the new SIREAS blog? We'll start with a few thoughts from our CEO, Ingrid Fenn, on the past 5 years and the years ahead.

Today, SIREAS celebrates an important milestone;  five years ago my partner, Michele Flynn, and I launched the company with the hope of bringing fresh perspectives to the industry. Our vision in 2015 was to help our clients adopt a more strategic and collaborative approach to the management and delivery of CRE services in order to truly maximize the value for both the company and its shareholders.

Time and time again, we work with organizations that, through years of growth, acquisitions and strategic redirections, have found themselves burdened with a patchwork of service providers, tactical contracts and properties that don’t strategically align with current needs. Our methodology delivers a clear picture of the current situation, and a detailed road map for creating the real estate organization that uniquely meets each client’s needs and objectives. Plus, it sets the stage for successful strategic relationships that are more collaborative, that foster innovation, and that are flexible to adapt to changes in the future.

Looking back over five years, I’m proud of the many clients we’ve had the privilege to work with and the results we’ve delivered together. We’ve managed some of the world’s largest integrated real estate and facilities services outsourcing initiatives and empowered the parties to work together in strategic partnerships where interests are aligned and achieving desired outcomes is mutually beneficial.

In the past few years, we have formalized a new Strategic Relationship Management and Governance service line that helps organizations strategically manage their relationships in a way that drives towards desired goals and objectives. We are excited to continue to share the value of SRMG with the industry.

Of course, SIREAS would not be where it is today without the exceptional team that tirelessly delivers on all our commitments. It has been my pleasure to watch our team grow and mature over the last five years as we’ve worked to establish the SIREAS brand of exceptional service and results in the marketplace. During these extraordinary times, when organizations find themselves in need of reliability, flexibility and innovation like never before, we can proudly point to our accomplishments as we embrace the new challenges faced by real estate organizations across all industries in the years ahead.

I’m excited for what the future holds as we enter into the most uncertain time in CRE history!

Happy Birthday SIREAS! Looking forward to celebrating many more years to come!

Ingrid Fenn

President & CEO