Navigating the Go-To-Market Process in the New Virtual Environment

15.03.21 03:24 PM By Rob

What we have learned

The go-to-market process, from RFP through transition, has been profoundly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ingrid Fenn,  CEO and President of SIREAS, recently moderated a panel discussion on the topic. Panelists included Mike Hart, Senior Managing Director for CBRE Global Workplace Solutions, Jessica Pernicone,  Managing Director, Solutions Development at JLL, and Tricia Trester, Head of Enterprise Solutions, EMEA at Cushman & Wakefield.

The discussion was timely, detailed and insightful, covering a range of topics that included:
    • The market is as active as ever, so what is motivating companies to review their options and choose this particular time to either go out for bid or renegotiate with their current service provider?
    • The pandemic has affected the go-to-market process timeline substantially. How are companies adapting?
    • Clear and open communication is critical as service providers are wary of processes where information and access to the client is restricted. And yet, the virtual environment can unintentionally foster such an environment.
    • Some things really do work better in the virtual world. What aspects of the process did our panelists think are likely to remain virtual?
    • The virtual environment provides opportunities for greater inclusion. Who else is getting the opportunity to participate in the process?
    • How has the timeframe for preparation of a meaningful proposal been affected?
    • What has been lost as site visits have gone virtual?
    • How to successfully navigate contract negotiation and transition management in the virtual environment.

We've learned a great deal about ourselves through this pandemic, both personally and professionally. We miss interacting with each other and value relationships more than ever before. That said, we can apply these learnings to make our in-person engagements as powerful as can be, knowing which phases of the RFP are most effective face to face, while reserving some of the informational and technology driven sessions for a virtual environment. Our industry is very relationship driven, which means we need to provide the platform for our teams to build those relationships whether new or existing.

Here are two new resources for you to explore as you consider either going to market or revisiting an existing contract through negotiations with your existing service provider.
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The webinar panelists joined Ingrid Fenn to produce an article, expanding on the insights they shared. To download your copy of the PDF, click the image.

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