Assess Your CRE & Facilities Services Delivery Model

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive assessment of your CRE & facilities services delivery model, a review of your current outsourcing contract(s), or looking for guidance on sourcing options and strategies, SIREAS can offer you the expertise you need.

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Service Delivery Evaluation & Gap Analysis

Is your CRE organization self-performing services? Are you delivering services through an out-tasked model, a fully outsourced model or some combination? Each model has its own pros and cons. SIREAS will help you find the right service delivery model for your organization.

Policy & Process Review

Is your CRE organization functioning without a complete or accurate set of policies and processes? Are policies overly complicated? Maybe they even impede processes? SIREAS clears away the confusion to help you establish clear, efficient and effective policies and processes based on your unique circumstances and industry best practices.

Contract Review

Periodic contract reviews ensure that your contracts for CRE & facilities services remain relevant and aligned with the needs of the business.

Technology Review

Effective and efficient use of technology is critical to delivering best-in-class services, but the technology landscape is constantly evolving. Is your CRE organization utilizing the right tools to meet your business needs?

Relationship Health Check

SIREAS examines eight categories that frequently cause friction in strategic relationships, including communications, decision-making, governance, innovation, metrics, mindset and trust, performance, and problem solving. The result is a road map for collaboratively strengthening the relationship and improving alignment.

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