Michele Flynn

SIREAS, LLC Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Michele Flynn
Michele is a visionary and expert in the fields of outsourcing, facilities management, real estate and governance. She serves as project executive for SIREAS, LLC, working directly with our clients to provide vision, strategy and guidance.

Michele was the founder and manager of Expense Management Solutions, where her leadership and expertise were integral to the development of performance-based contracting for global outsourcing relationships in the fields of corporate real estate and administrative services.  Her 25+ year career has made her a subject matter expert and sought-after speaker on subjects ranging from third party risk management, corporate real estate, corporate procurement and risk and compliance.

Michele has long been recognized for her knowledge and leadership in providing strategy and guidance to the industry, and she has received numerous accolades and awards. She is certified by the Costa Institute in Real Estate Finance, is Board Certified in Corporate Real Estate from CoreNet Global, and has been a registered Counselor of Real Estate for the last twenty years. She holds an MBA with a specialty in real estate.

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