Company Overview

From high-level corporate real estate strategy to organizational design and performance, SIREAS, LLC provides incomparable real estate consulting. Our firm has expertise in solution design, portfolio and vendor management and sourcing.  We enable corporations to streamline their operations, improve service delivery, and increase shareholder value. We provide integrated strategies for reducing costs, as well as portfolio management, workplace optimization, talent retention, facilities services, outsourcing and vendor/supplier decision making and governance.

Our leadership includes co-founder and Executive Chairman, Michele Flynn and co-founder, President and CEO Ingrid Fenn. Between them they have decades of visionary real estate leadership that offers a unique perspective on both the supplier side and the client side of the industry. They have been the driving force in real estate management’s shift to performance-based service delivery models. This approach develops more extensive collaboration and aligns both expectations and the interests of both service providers and facility management organizations. It provides a truer partnership that is linked directly to desired outcomes.  

SIREAS has been named a Vested® Center of Excellence; a sourcing business model that fosters a highly collaborative environment. Vested® partnerships enable true win-win relationships in which both parties are invested in each other’s success.

Company Highlights


  • Acquisition of EMS, a global advisory firm founded in 1997
  • 100% Women Owned Business
  • Leading corporate real estate services advisory firm – led more than 50 RE related sourcing initiatives totaling in excess of 600 MSF
  • Achieved >$1B in savings to date
  • Outsourced contract values of >$3B
  • Innovator in performance based contracting
  • Industry leader in relationship management and governance
  • Vested® Center of Excellence