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  • Aligning CRE strategy with business imperatives
  • Retooling CRE organizations, processes and technology
  • Optimizing portfolio management and transactions
  • Revamping facilities services and workplace design
  • Guiding outsourcing decision-making and vendor/supplier management

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  • Know All the Parameters of Your Outsourcing Options (3/15/2018)Corporate real estate and facilities management (CREFM) organizations commonly employ a balance of insourcing and strategic outsourcing solutions. This is driven by the need to minimize costs while avoiding negative impacts on the employee experience or the quality of services provided. There is no “one size fits all” solution. With the broader business strategy driving […]

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  • Successful Governance: Understanding Your Stakeholders (3/6/2018)Who are your stakeholders? An obvious question, but one that is often overlooked. Recently I spoke with a client who didn’t know the answer to this question. Sure, the executive leadership teams of each organization were considered critical stakeholders, but who else was being overlooked? After a series of comprehensive interviews within the client and […]

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  • Real Estate Governance: Five Steps to a Win-Win Outsourcing Outcome (1/30/2018)Here’s the not-so-secret word for outsourcing success: governance. And a proper governance framework can prevent disaster. A global service provider recently shared a story with me that I’ve heard many times. The provider has had a ten-year relationship with a client to perform all their facilities management services across their portfolio and the contract was […]

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